Fight for Minorities, or Just Racial Rigging?

Fight for Minorities, or Just Racial Rigging?

Summary / TLDR

  1. TDSB claims to fight for minorities.
  2. TDSB fully discards the needs and choices of the minorities when capping the number of applications or school choices.
  3. The shown opposition and contradiction corroborates TDSB's true intention to make triple racial rigging for racial quota or racial balancing in the name of mega MEGA.


This post is to provide the information, and the citations might not be properly given. All the credits are attributed to the original sources. It is written to the best of the contributors' knowledge and memory, which might not be fully accurate.


This is one of a series of accompanying explanatory posts for the FREEDOM Declaration of Ontario and the FREEDOM of Ontario's Heads-up Message to Ontario Citizens and Residents, as listed in the latter's Appendix.


Claim to fight for minorities

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has been conducting the Secondary Program Review (the "Review"), and has presented the Student Interest Programs Policy Report (the "Policy Report;" retrieved: May 3, 2022) that replaces the Specialized Schools and Programs Policy as presented in the slides of November, 2021 (the "Slides"; retrieved: May 18, 2022).


The TDSB has repeatedly claimed that the Review and the Policy, etc., have been made, in the mega ideology of making "equity" great again (mega MEGA), for students, communities, or races that are

     "underrepresented" (Page 13 of the Policy Report; Slide 40 of the Slides), or

     "marginalized" (Agenda Page 47, Page 13 in the PDF file, of the Review's initial report of June, 2019, retrieved: May 15, 2022; Page 14 of the Policy Report),


As if the Review and the Policy, etc., were made to fight for minorities' rights or benefits.


In particular, Slide 40 of the Slides claims:


There are disproportions among student identity groups across TDSB’s Specialized Schools and Programs. Students who self-identify as Black, Middle Eastern, Latin, and Indigenous are under-represented in Specialized Schools and Programs.


Per this Proportion of Grades 3-12 Students by Ethno-Racial Group in the TDSB (accessed: May 18, 2022), which was based on the data collected in the 2017 TDSB Student and Parent Census, the said "Black, Middle Eastern, Latin, and Indigenous" groups' proportions were respectively 11%, 6%, 2% and 0.2%, totally accounting for around 19.2%.

Announced intent to ignore minorities

Yet, in Pages 7 and 8 of the Policy Report, to justify why the "number of application choices" is to be capped at one (1), the TDSB claims:


In 2020, over 80% of the students applying to a school through Optional Attendance only applied to one school. Specialized Schools and Programs application and Optional Attendance data from 2020, showed only 18% of students in Grade 8 submitted multiple applications. (see Table 1).


The similar rationale is presented in Pages 6 and 7 in the Out-of-Area Admissions Policy Report  (retrieved: May 19, 2022) to cap the number of regular school choices at one (1):


In Spring 2020, approximately 55% of Grade 8 students applied through Optional Attendance for either regular programs or specialized programs in Grade 9. Of those who applied, fewer than 9% of applicants included more than one choice for a regular program (see Table 2).


Now, the TDSB cares about only the majority of students, and fully ignores and discards the needs and choices of the minorities of these 18% and 9%, and of any minority groups as shown in the two tables?


The claim and the announced intent, as presented above, are utterly contradictory and opposite. It corroborates the fact that the TDSB does not really care about minorities, but just wants to make triple racial rigging for racial quota or racial balancing in the name of mega MEGA.


By the way, a school board's capping the number of school or program applications or choices is more than likely illegal, violating individuals' liberty, autonomy and rights of choice. We may elaborate on this matter at a later time when necessary.


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